Combination Condo
Combination Condo

The Combination Condo (the Bayside and Townside condos combined) offers one of the most comfortable accommodations in Zihuatanejo: a 2+ bedroom, 3-1/2 bath suite with views on one side overlooking the ocean (below), views from the terraces on the other side overlooking Zihuatanejo and it’s surrounding mountains (left).

It has a combination of open air and enclosed living spaces with optional air-conditioning.


The suite can accommodate as many as six guests: there is a queen-sized bed in the Bayside bedroom, a king-sized bed in the Townside bedroom and the sofa in the living/dining area on the Townside can convert to two single beds, providing, in effect, a third bedroom.


There is a large gourmand kitchen on the Bayside, a limited washer/dryer on the Townside, and both sides have satellite TV and book libraries.

Combination Condo

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Dining Area Living Area

With the condos combined, the ocean breeze blowing through the building is wonderful!

(far left: Townside dining and bedroom, left: view from Bayside bedroom)